- for a coffee at Art Barns („Artistic Stable") in Bukowiec
- to the observation tower in Bukowiec Park
- for a walk in the beautifully situated hospital, "Bukowiec"
- with a visit to nearby palaces
- for lunch/dinner to try czech dumplings in Mala Upa
- for cycling around the area
- to hike in mountain trails
- rafting on the Bober river
- on horseback riding in one of the nearby stables
- downhill skiing
- for cross-country skiing
There are many places in the area that are worth seeing.
Surely everyone finds their own favorite.
Attractions worth recommending are definitely:
- Palace and park in Bukowiec
- Palaces and Gardens promoted by the Valley of Palaces and Gardens Foundation
- Park of Miniatures in Kowary
- Chojnik Castle
- Old Town in Jelenia Gora
- Krajobrazowy Park and the Norwegian Park in Cieplice
- Wang Church in Karpacz
- Julia Glassworks factory in Piechowice
And many, many others ...