Bukowiec is a small village located in the foothills of the karkonosze mountains in the lower Silesian region of Poland. To get here, you will need to make a small detour from the main road, but when you arrive you will discover a peaceful place, with beautiful views of the surrounding countryside.

The first mention of Bukowiec dates back to the Middle Ages, when it was probably a Knight's village.


.The period of  Bukowiec's greatest splendour begins with the arrival of Count Frederick von Reden in 1785. It was he who rebuilt the existing manor house and created one of the most beautiful parks in Prussia. Because of its position and the family's many contacts, Bukowiec became an important centre of cultural life. Among the many guests hosted here was the famous German writer, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The wife of the Count gained further recognition by bringing the Wang temple to Karpacz.


After death of Frederick von Reden the village declined. Changes after the Second World War completed the process of degradation. Many buildings disappeared forever. Only in recent years, thanks to the efforts of the 'Valley of Palaces and Gardens Foundation' has the old splendour of the palace and a large park in Bukowiec returned to its former glory.

The name of the guest house, BUKOLIK means peace and quiet. Why the name? Bucólic in Catalan, bukolika in Polish, have been connected together to create BUKOLIK joined as one like our family. According to the dictionary BUKOLIKA is "a poem presenting the idealised charms of rural life" and this is exactly what one can find here.

Bukolik offers a large spacious area inviting you to break away from the daily bustle for rest and relaxation. The wooden houses' design and colour allude to traditional huts built among the Karkonosze Mountains, which naturally fit into the landscape. There is a pond, where you can lay out a lounger and read a book. There is a forest, where depending on the season you can find berries, lily of the valley or fungi. Children have all the space to discover themselves in their own way that complements the intimate place to play. In short, Bukolik is an ideal place for hiking and biking, rest, fun and adventure. 

Everyone will find something for themselves here.